Role: Head Editor, B Cam
Software: Adobe Premiere Pro
A pop documentary made as a final project for a class, giving insight into the drag king scene in Ontario. I completely edited this project, and assisted with shooting as well.


Role: Writer/Storyboard, Graphic Designer, Motion Designer
Software: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro

This was my final project for my Motion Design class at RCAD summer camp, in which the whole class collaborated to create an educational video about the solar system. You can view the full project here.


Role: Writer/Storyboard, Graphic Designer, Motion Designer, Animator, Narrator
Software: Adobe After Effects

This is the animated portion of a project intended to explain this networking concept to incoming students of CS 330. This was made entirely on After Effects, with assets made on Illustrator and Canva.


Role: Writer/Storyboard, Head Editor
Software: Adobe Premiere Pro
A small tutorial video I made for the Ontario Hamster Club and as part of a class, outlining how to build a proper bin cage for hamsters.



Role: Waste Designer
Medium: Fashion Design, Sculpture

Project: Trashion creates fashion shows and exhibitions to raise awareness for waste pollution. I was one of three headlining waste designers for Paragon, their 2019 collection featuring pieces made from microplastics.

Runway Photography Credits: Yoshi Matsuzaki


Role: Concept, Programmer, Assembly
Medium: Digital Transmedia
As my final project for my Interactive Art course, I created a holoquad that simulated a prehistoric aquarium. I used a Bare Conductive Touchboard, Max8 and Adobe After Effects to create overlapping light and sound when users touch the fossil pieces on the "paleontologist's desk". This piece was also submitted to the Waterloo Lumen festival and you can find the full artist statement here.


I have been an Adobe Stock contributor since 2017.

Chief editor of photography for Quetzal Magazine for one year, or 3 school terms.

All (human) subjects have granted explicit consent to their photographs being posted.

Magellanic penguins fishing their lunch. (Puerto Madryn, Argentina) King Penguin colony huddling together. (Falkland Islands) Rainforest bloom. (Aysén, Chile) Lighthouse at the end of the world. (Ushuaia, Argentina) Gentoo penguins on the windy coast. (Falkland Islands) Crashing waves. (Cape Horn) Person behind tropical plants. (Waterloo, Canada) Yellow lifeguard hut. (Montevideo, Uruguay) Sea lion colony. (Ushuaia, Argentina) Person in bathtub. (Waterloo, Canada) Camper van. (Puerto Montt, Chile) A heron perched on a red boat (Everglades, Florida). Sample portrait. Knives for an online product listing.



I enjoy making zines in my free time, and through these experiment with typography, creative writing, and composition.